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The Smugness of Tyranny

"The Tyranny of the Smug" is our second full length album, and the first record that we've been able to do start to finish (all except mastering) completely ourselves, here at our studio, Cresthill. With our debut album, "Paleofidelity", Scott Ferguson, played drums for the record. This time, our live drummer of 3 years, Gil Roy, (now official 3rd member) was in the studio for 15 of 16 tracks. Throughout the writing and recording of our debut, Jim and I were constantly on the search for a steady live drummer that got what we were trying to do. It took 4 years of looking, but we finally jammed with Gil (who Jim has played with years ago in Full Circle), and things really clicked from the get-go. So we finally got out of the gate as a live act. But even cooler than was this sense that we started to get, a gut feeling. Hitting that sweet spot in the groove. Found a steadiness and got past our thinking, as much as we're able. Kept trying to throw everything away that wasn't about what we were hearing. Found an immediateness and intimacy to the music, that began, and grew.

...a style all our own

Where "Paleofidelity" (our debut) had a lot of acid loops and drum machines, "Tyranny..." is based centrally on the feel of a live rock trio, with all the inherent humanity and imperfections preserved. Arrangements were a three-way effort. The new songs ended up more rock than our first effort. But our style and sound that makes comparisons to other bands difficult or impossible for most of our reviewers, didn't change. In some kind of clueless-musical rapture, we seem to have stumbled onto a style all our own. That feels good. That feeling was the basis for this making this album.

...some very sexy keyboards

We again loaned from the talents of some of the same session players that graciously contributed to our first record: John Peer on some very sexy keyboards (a vintage Whurlitzer, an original Clavinet/Pianet, Hammond M3, Nord lead, and a Sequential Circuits Pro-1, to name a few.....thanks for the loaners John!), Adam Driscoll for his characteristic vocals and violin playing (which he completed all inside an hour, and essentially in one take), and our partner in a previously recorded and never-released project (The Rain), Andrew White, who played acoustic guitar in a song he also wrote, but was very much in Remedy's musical vein. Andy's sometimes-live collaborator, Brendon Power (who once played with Sting's band, as the legend goes), also lent his insane harmonica prowess to that same song, the first on this record. Andy also sings the last track on this album on a song he co-wrote with myself and Jim. That track also features our former studio drummer from Paleofidelity, Scott Ferguson (who also mastered both projects); a fitting cameo for a guy who helped make our first record come to life.

...freedom to create an art

Making this record has been a great joy for us all, at every step in the process. We had the freedom to create an art that is of only three minds, and completely sincere. We hope the fun we had in writing and recording these songs, comes through to you.
remedy tribal

Tyranny Principles:

Steve Harley - vocals, guitars, keyboards James Bond - bass, loops and sound effects Gil Roy - drums

Guest musicians:

John Peer - keyboards Adam Driscoll - vocals, electric violin Andrew White - vocals, guitar Brendon Power - harmonica Scott Ferguson - drums

The Fidelity of Paleo

The collaboration that produced the unique tracks on Paleofidelity arises from a singular song writing method. The backbone of the tracks comes from first finding the basic drum/bass groove. This rhythmic, kinetic energy forms the nucleus around which all of the songs are initially formed. After creating morethan 100 such grooves, a process that involved recording all of the original free-form songwriting jams, the favorites were then picked, for the final songs of "Paleofidelity." In many cases, the guitar and bass tracks that were captured on tape during the initial writing phase were used in the final versions of the songs. In this way, the energy, freshness, and emotion of the birth of these songs was preserved right up to the final production.


Remedy Biography

Remedy is an alt-indie-funk-rock band with shades of blues, R&B, and hints of electronica. We've showcased twice at the East Coast Music Awards, released 2 full-lengths albums and had 2 singles with commercial airplay across Canada, as well as Satellite, Sirius, and College radio in the U.S. (2014). Now completing their 3rd album, we are also filming behind-the-curtain access for exclusive content on the "making of" the lastest projects.

Steve Harley

4-up on 15-11-04 at 12.43 PM #4Steve Harley[/caption]Steve Harley attended Dalhousie University Medical School, got his MD in '96, and happily practiced family medicine in Dartmouth for 10 years.As rewarding as this career was, he eventually had to leave the practice of medicine due to the obscene amount of money he found himself making in the local-independant-funk-rock-band field. Though Forbes now estimates that his future great-great-grandchildren are now set for life, Harley is still a slave to the beat, unable to put down the guitar. He continues to work on his education, currently working on his pHD in written fiction, to add to his recently acquired Masters in wah-wah. Remedy was just that for Harley.... the cure to doldrumania.... the prescription for mundanity, and the antidote to blah.

James Bond

Remedy at mediaworks 4Jim Bond[/caption]James Bond has created his own Business in Signs & Graphic Design along with pumping out the low notes along side of Harley for 15+ years.  A Long disciple of "play it my way somewhat like the record in my own style" approach, has ingrained a unique style & melodic voice to his basslines. Needing to express this voice & bounce ideas back & forth has formed the strong nucleus between Harley/Bond writing style along with a whole bundle of Bottled Aggression & Great Big Ears around the room. Remedy was just that for Bond....the big empty canvas....the palette for ideas, and the antidote to sanity.

Gil - leather jacket soloGil Roy

Gil Roy[/caption]Gil Roy joined Remedy in January 2008, to establish the trio format for Remedy's live show.Gil is a veteran of 17 years as a touring musician throughout Canada and the US. He's played with such names as Jimmy Dooley formally of The Platters, Full Circle, and most recently, with Hal Bruce and the Hired Hand Band.

Mo bird Dec19-14Morgan Cruickshank

The newest member of the group, Morgan (a NSCC Music grad) joined the band in the summer of 2014.  Adding Morgan to the group meant abandoning the power-trio live format that Remedy became quite comfortable with, but the trade off was more than worth it!   As a quartet, the bands live sound has greater depth, power, and resonance, and Morgan possesses an instinctual understanding of our influences and funkadelic ways, which he executes by flawlessly weaving into the sound, as if he had been there from the start.



Join our community! - sign up and get your free album worth of tunage!  8 free tunes.  Very unique Alt-Indie-Groove-Funk Rock (Keys/Stripes/Chilis/Quai)!

Upcoming Gigs

Remedy Live @ MediaWorks!

27 May at 20:00–21:00

This week on the "MediaWorks Live off the Floor" we are pleased to feature Remedy. "Halifax-based Remedy is made up of the power trio of Steve Harley (lead vocals, guitar), Jim Bond (bass), and Gil Roy (drums, backing vocals). And now, introducing Morgan Cruickshank on second lead guitar and vocals! Their sound is energetic, intense, and intimately tight. This format has been wildly successful in conveying the band's unique brand and style, and Remedy has steadily built a devoted grass-roots following in the clubs and special venues of Halifax. Come watch live this Wednesday at 8pm!
Live at MediaWorks

Live At MediaWorks

Remedy and the Steve McCall band return to Monte's

June 12th, starting at 10pm

Facebook Page info
Remedy at Monte's 12 June

Remedy at Monte's 12 June

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