Happy Birthday Seth!

I got a special memory of which to think todayIt’s an anniversary of of sorts, you could sayIt marks a big transitionthat I had when 33the years of ageI had to payto reach epiphanysome reach it decades earlierfor me I had to waitthe waiting though was worth it muchI had to celebrate!I called and rang my friendsand […]

The Monday Suckage Blues

Once upon a timein the land of darn-it-allAfter picking up my assfrom an unrewarding fallthe weekend that was mineon the back of vino rougeor seemed so at the timethere was nothing else to do… Now the better part of mewill at another goal take aimand down the bowl of porcelainI’ll now flush out the shameAs […]

My love letter to Tumbler

This is it: my humble blog, indeed, the entry latethis I say just in case you cannot see a dateIt follows from my blogger pagesteveharleyremedyand here I post so do not ragein blogger rivalryIt wasn’t fairIf I not sharewhat on other sites was found, so here it be more properlyas data here and nowand not the redirected typethese words […]

“Morning…..came a little early today”. – WMM

A funny thing has happenedon the way to getting oldtime is moving faster(that you must already know)but other things are happeningunpredicted in their courseI’m waking up far earlierthan I ever did beforeThe early morninghas becomemy very favorite timeeveryone is sleepingand the quiet house is mineI’ll pillage for a coffeesit upon a lighted screengive a shake […]

The Theory of Everything

Whoops, there I go againI skipped another day.The coveted consistencyeludes, to my dismay.I really hopedI’d make the claimthat not a another onewould pass beforeI write, beforetomorrow has begun (Aha).And in the verse,for best or worst,Thus tended to the most:septameter iambic,kept us satedand ingrossedin the language that we know,only english, that so farI’ve made attemptto make […]

Your call is important to us!

If I had a rocket launcherI’d make my miffage knownI’d fire up that puppyand take aim at my old phoneBut only once I answerthat shrill annoying ringif the clock say’s it’s supperit’s time for telemarketingThe robots or poor human sapon continents afarhave made intrusion to our worldand angered? Yes, we are!And though we block and […]