The Fiberphere /- 0:

My escape was just delusion
by the iOS-4-fun;
one of BoB’s Programs
that by machines was strictly run.

Rather not machines,
but more like fiberoptic wool:
the part of their A.I.
that constituted physical.
But always hid below our line 
of sight or field of view,
under pavement, under earth
and under meadows too.
The Fibersphere, we called it;
this new gut-brain of the world,
Safe from all the might 
the angry troposphere could hurl.
Better than the GPS, immune to solar storms
Gradually to this our new reality conformed
the populace at large, save a sentimental few
“or two sometimes, maybe.  Right?
Just me and you?”
I sarcastically relay to passing mirror under breath
As my pace slowly quickens 
toward I hope an exit,
the one from under sheets I woke
when passing under saw
as the tussle of the guerney ride
shook my slumber off.
But now the lights were flickering 
with flashing LEDs.
“They had to be offline! (I thought)
But for how long could it be?”
Every moment thinking 
was an act I didn’t take.
So I jumped up
got to my feet
and gave my head a shake!
Brain, for now, let’s re-route your energy to the legs
Let’s get a little urgency and scram from this place!
And hands of course…I’ll need them too.  Right now in fact, 
let’s go!
(I was tapping out a code I memorized a week ago…)

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