The Fibersphere /- 1:

 /- 1:

Now I heard alarms 
from the hallway’s other side
and camera’s everywhere made it
impossible to hide
Everything was glimmering
in ‘drome, or so it seemed
a steely shrill breathless chill
from every floor and seem
Engineered forensically with special lacquer crust
that’s super-complimentary
to the finger-printer’s dust.

I make it to a place
that I remember from before:
it’s the main Resus’ room…
but which one was the door?
Instinctually I look below 
for cues along the floor:
streaks of rubber curving
towards the double-door…of course!
They thought I was in coma-land
with unrespnsive eyes:
a chemical I borrowed 
from a friend (to his surprize)!
It tricks the scanners sometimes,
the one’s that track your eyes
for moves that pattern stress
or perspiratory signs
After dropping just a micron
The scanner thinks you’re chill
or as close as you can get
without concluding that you’re ill,
Where to store it on you
so that it survives the risk
you’ll be target of the day
of a random BB frisk?
But I came as a patient,
all possesions taken quick,
they’d return them after discharge,
but I had a special trick….

(To be continued…)

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