The real Dope

Hey beautiful inhabitants of the Remedrome!   I send glad tidings of freakishness and sobriety, coming up on 5 years free and clear from the nastiness of artificial chemical stimulation, preferring instead to drink deeply from the well of muffy guitar, groovin’ bottom end, and appeasing trebles that melt you soul!  This is my new […]

The Fibersphere /- 1:

 /- 1:Now I heard alarms from the hallway’s other sideand camera’s everywhere made itimpossible to hideEverything was glimmeringin ‘drome, or so it seemeda steely shrill breathless chillfrom every floor and seemEngineered forensically with special lacquer crustthat’s super-complimentaryto the finger-printer’s dust.I make it to a placethat I remember from before:it’s the main Resus’ room…but which one was […]

The Fiberphere /- 0:

My escape was just delusionby the iOS-4-fun;one of BoB’s Programsthat by machines was strictly run.Rather not machines,but more like fiberoptic wool:the part of their A.I.that constituted physical.But always hid below our line of sight or field of view,under pavement, under earthand under meadows too.The Fibersphere, we called it;this new gut-brain of the world,Safe from all the […]

The Fibersphere (continued…2)

3063-3104 C.E. – The building of the PurgadromesOne of these amazing feats was humanity’s long organized retreat to southern latitudes and underground into the “Purgadromes” – huge subterranean cities full of people escaping the cold, and concentrating their efforts and resources.  They first appeared in 3063….the first one in New Denver, of the former USA […]

The Fibersphere (continued…1)

3023 C.E.The Global Fibershpere went onlinr 3023: a world-wide, subterranean, fiber-optically interconnected “Network” of quantum computers (QC) and their master A.I. program called “BoB” (aka Brother B, or BB).  This concept stemmed from the success of the network in miniature, when 20 years prior, the first 12 QCs with their individual A.I.s came together within […]