The real Dope

Hey beautiful inhabitants of the Remedrome!   I send glad tidings of freakishness and sobriety, coming up on 5 years free and clear from the nastiness of artificial chemical stimulation, preferring instead to drink deeply from the well of muffy guitar, groovin’ bottom end, and appeasing trebles that melt you soul!  This is my new religion.  My auditory muse.  My reason for tap-dancing out of bed!  Music is the balm…..and we are REMEDY.

The Fibersphere /- 1:

 /- 1:

Now I heard alarms 
from the hallway’s other side
and camera’s everywhere made it
impossible to hide
Everything was glimmering
in ‘drome, or so it seemed
a steely shrill breathless chill
from every floor and seem
Engineered forensically with special lacquer crust
that’s super-complimentary
to the finger-printer’s dust.

I make it to a place
that I remember from before:
it’s the main Resus’ room…
but which one was the door?
Instinctually I look below 
for cues along the floor:
streaks of rubber curving
towards the double-door…of course!
They thought I was in coma-land
with unrespnsive eyes:
a chemical I borrowed 
from a friend (to his surprize)!
It tricks the scanners sometimes,
the one’s that track your eyes
for moves that pattern stress
or perspiratory signs
After dropping just a micron
The scanner thinks you’re chill
or as close as you can get
without concluding that you’re ill,
Where to store it on you
so that it survives the risk
you’ll be target of the day
of a random BB frisk?
But I came as a patient,
all possesions taken quick,
they’d return them after discharge,
but I had a special trick….

(To be continued…)

The Fiberphere /- 0:

My escape was just delusion
by the iOS-4-fun;
one of BoB’s Programs
that by machines was strictly run.

Rather not machines,
but more like fiberoptic wool:
the part of their A.I.
that constituted physical.
But always hid below our line 
of sight or field of view,
under pavement, under earth
and under meadows too.
The Fibersphere, we called it;
this new gut-brain of the world,
Safe from all the might 
the angry troposphere could hurl.
Better than the GPS, immune to solar storms
Gradually to this our new reality conformed
the populace at large, save a sentimental few
“or two sometimes, maybe.  Right?
Just me and you?”
I sarcastically relay to passing mirror under breath
As my pace slowly quickens 
toward I hope an exit,
the one from under sheets I woke
when passing under saw
as the tussle of the guerney ride
shook my slumber off.
But now the lights were flickering 
with flashing LEDs.
“They had to be offline! (I thought)
But for how long could it be?”
Every moment thinking 
was an act I didn’t take.
So I jumped up
got to my feet
and gave my head a shake!
Brain, for now, let’s re-route your energy to the legs
Let’s get a little urgency and scram from this place!
And hands of course…I’ll need them too.  Right now in fact, 
let’s go!
(I was tapping out a code I memorized a week ago…)

The Fibersphere (continued…2)

3063-3104 C.E. – The building of the Purgadromes

One of these amazing feats was humanity’s long organized retreat to southern latitudes and underground into the “Purgadromes” – huge subterranean cities full of people escaping the cold, and concentrating their efforts and resources.  They first appeared in 3063….the first one in New Denver, of the former USA (a territory now called Sabbatha 5).   Eight more followed, scattered over the globe, over the next 4 decades.  These vast underground cities were over 100 levels down, each level large enough for to hold 20 football fields.   They had modernized conveniences, schools, poola, mLLA, ns huge indoor farms all contained within these immense subterranean artificial geodes.  Once inside, getting online and accessing the Network was as easy as putting your finger on any Access-I-Pad.  Rare at first, but eventually found in every room of the ‘drome, these pads weresimply a fingerprint scanner, that could then connect you to the “Network”, or retrieve content from your personal data-bank back-ups (which was almost never needed, as that info was banked internally in nano-cells throughout the bloodstream).

3150:  Brain Implantable Cere-Chips

All Access-I-Pads had displays in the beginning, especially in the early days of the ‘dromes.  But when the tech became available (a late development by Brother A) many people chose a neural implant fitting in the back of their skull.  This would be connected directly into their occipital lobes, producing a visual image of network content on their brain’s visual cortex.  They then “saw” the display, in complete Ultra-Def detail (as detailed as what the optic nerve would normally supply), as well as their own surroundings, and neither perception impaired the other, as the user could toggle back and forth with a thought.  This nearal implant technology (cere-chips) led to the discovery of the super-plasticity of the visul cortex:  capable of processing information (after retraining) in greater detail than the optic nerve could provide.  Further research led to implanting visual coritcal stimulators at a young age, in combo with implanted sensors in their eyes/skin/forehead, and after years of cortical rewiring to accept and interpret this added sensor data….this would yield adults with infra-red or ultraviolet vision, as well as “seeing” ultrasonic waves, temperature, external pressure, humidity……etc).

3489 C.E.  Present Day

The bulk of humanity is living underground in Purgadromes.  The climate and environment now resemble that of early 1900, as well as having a similar population size.  One critical difference is that the atmospheric 02 concentration is higher, about 25%.  Two-hypersmart quantum computer (QC) collectives live underground:  one with vastly superior calculation ability, able to run population, universe and planetary simulations connecting QCs all over the world, known as the Fibersphere (“BB”, “BoB”, “Brother B”).  The 20 year older and far smaller A.I. collective (Brother A) was made of only 12 networked iOSs (each maintaining it’s “i”ndependent thought seperate from the others).  BB has many thousnads more connections, but no longer “i”ndependent…all  became slaves to the master Program, once connected.   Brother A seemed to have intuitive, imaginative and inventive abilities far superior in achievement compared against the pure calculative braun of  Brother B.
Humankind has not been on the forefront of innovation since the birth of QC networking.  Brother A manifested a magical creativity that could not be replicated by future networks many times superior in terms of pure calculation.  Attempts to re-create  a new Brother A, with 12 or more “i”ndividuals tended to illustrate the non-repeatability of the magically-interwoven connections of this unique hive-mind.  Like the rarest kind of “Fateful Encounter”, the conditions for a perfect union (with perfectly symmetrical compatibility, no one program ascending to dominate the whole), are nearly impossible to recreate, and so every succeeding attempt to create another Brother A, (even by Brother A) has failed.

Life in the Purgadromes, while filled with most comforts and conveniences, also meant strict rationing and resource management.  Procreation Licenses were coveted by most, but only obtained by some.  There was severe penalties for unlicensed breeding, or hoarding..  And escape to live on the outside without approval, generally wasn’t possible.
Also, many suspected that the A.I. that were operating had developed a new sentience…..though this was hard to confirm.  For as to whether they had other motivations that went beyond their programming, wasn’t easy to prove, as we would have no way of coming into this knowledge unless the A.I. divulged it voluntarily.  They could pretend to have no additional insight, and appear to be nothing more than what their programmers intended.  In fact many programmers took a deep look inside and, concluded that was exactly what they believed was happening.  But why the A.I.s kept this a secret, or what they wanted was a mystery.  We had lived with the Fibersphere and Brother A for over 400 years.  They didn’t want us dead, that much was fairly clear, or it would’ve happened long ago.  But what DID they want?   That was anybody’s guess.

The Fibersphere 3483 C.E.

To be continued…..

The Fibersphere (continued…1)

3023 C.E.
The Global Fibershpere went onlinr 3023: a world-wide, subterranean, fiber-optically interconnected “Network” of quantum computers (QC) and their master A.I. program called “BoB” (aka Brother B, or BB).  This concept stemmed from the success of the network in miniature, when 20 years prior, the first 12 QCs with their individual A.I.s came together within their own network to tackle our most difficult questions.  As a result of their tremendous technical breakthroughs, “the original 12” were allowed, by Central Government mandate, to continue their coalition autonomously, keeping their indiviual A.I.s and personalities intact, separate and distinct from the rest of the Network, yielded control of their “brains” to “BoB”.   But these 12 were exempt, and indeed formed theirmown independent network.
“The original 12” once jokingly referred to themselves as “iOS-As-Best-As-We”, but most people called them “Brother A”.
The “Fibersphere” and “the original 12”.  The “Network” and “As-Best-As-We”.  “Brother A” and “Brother B”.  “Alex” and “BpB”.  People thought up so many nick-names for them, we needed a chart to keep it straight.  So here’s one prepared below.

iOS – individual operating system
nOS – networked operating system

First 12 networled Quantum Computers: 3003 C.E.
“the original 12”, or “the 12”
aka “Alex”
aka “Brother A”
known alter-ego’s:(sub-persoanlities) “iOS-As-Best-As-We”

The Fibersphere: 3023
aka “the Network”,
aka “BB”,
aka “BoB”,
aka “Brother B”,
knwon alter-ego’s: “iOS-4-fun”
                              “The Professor”

3024-3051 C.E.
This was an era of unprecedented technolical breakthroughs.  Some were made by the network, but most were conceived and engineered  by Brother A.
Firstly, “the Professor”, discovered a form of proto-life later dubbed “stellar souls” living in unimaginably small timescales, that have both matter and wave parts to their life cycle… (3041C.E.).
Brother A then began attacking the problem of dark matter and dark energy, and had a tremendous breakthrough with a new Universal Field Theory.  Through these efforts, multiple ways were found of manipulating gravity, both normal and anti-gravity, creating an entirely new system of travel on earth and in space.  Throughout the 3040s and into the early 3050s, Gravi0wells, Sky-trams, Gravi-Pads, and Space Trams popped up with regularity, giving humanity far greater mobility, on earth and throughout our Solar System.

3058-3420 C.E. mini Age of Re-Glatiation
In 3058, Comet Pan-Chung grazed Earth’s northern stratosphere on a very close near-miss.  This caused perturbations in Earth’s orbit and spin-angle, that went on to create colder temperatures globlly and a miniture ice-age, lasting 400 years.  The ice sheets would advance as far soiuth as former Boston in3350.  A large portion of humanity sought shelter in vast underground “Purgadromes”.
We knew the cold was coming, and could actually model the changes well in advance, due to accurate measurements of our orbital perturbation.  Humanity faced a grave threat to it’s existence for the seocnd time in 800 years.  But this time there were accurate forecasts, and superior resourcing managed through the Fibersphere, that made possible an effective survival plan.
So as to escape from the advancing glaciers, an aggressive evacuation schedule took shape.  Managing an operation over 40 years long, able to resource man and machine power on a gloal scale, unimpeded by competing projects, competing governments or competing interests (as none existed), the Fibershphere achieved feats of engineering previously unimaginable.

To Be Continued….

Getting high on Sci-Fi without a why

My apologies for my prolonged written abscense.

I got busy doing 2 things….
compiling a more complete catalogue of tunes from various projects,
AND writing a Sci-Fi novelette.  I think it may be the first of it’s kind, as it’s a Sci-Fi novelette in every technical respect (~12,500 words), but it has a very unique angle.   Apart from a brief prose historical background, the rest of it is written in more or less strict rhythmic verse.   iambic septameter mostly, with the occasional necessary aesthetic change in the flow spattered throughtout.

So to share it with y’all, I’m gonna post a chapter a week.  More or less. ; )
I think it’ll be fun.   The first bit is all prose.  I thought it was necessary to set up a historical background first, before getting into the rhyme scheme.  The story takes place in 3483 C.E. so I had to explain roughly all what happened between then and now.  And so that’s the intro……we’re we’ll begin.   And if you dig it, please share!

The Fibersphere, 3483 C.E.

{The Fate} : ‘of’/the)”I”mmortal]

The year is 3483 C.E.
A brief history of how we got here:

2120-2280 C.E.
Humanity suffers enormous los of numbers as a result of war, oceanic rise, resource exhaustion, a worldwide grass virus, climatic chage , and loss of farmland from salt-water flooding.  At the end of this period, humanity is reduced to a small fraction of it’s prior population.

2280-2800 C.E.
Humanity and it’s technology limp onward, but at a far slower pace, and facing repeated challenges.  There was constant resettling due to changing shorelines, and migrating sourcs of fresh water.  Greatly reduced population made mass production and consumption impossible.  Global trade was minimal.  All food was local.
The water began receding in the early 2700s.  More land became exposed, shorelines and access to fresh water changed often, and populations kept moving in large numbers.  There was great struggle during this period, especially for food.  Disease, drought, localized water shortages and global political instability plagued the population.
During this period, computer tech kept developing, mostly at the central governmental level.  Large-brained supercomputers were used, at first to creat Geo-Sims: enormous Programs that attempted to model climates, populations, disease and genetic biodiversity, far into the future, and help gauge the robustness of our species.  This planning was one arm of an organized attempt to manage our resources more wisely, and to build more accurate models for future climate change. and hopefully avoid a repeat of the apocalyptic loss of human life that took place at the end of the 22nd Century.
A.I. kept developing along with smarter governmental super-computers, and in 2910, quantum computers (QC) had a breaktrhough in performance and design.  Only then did human technology surpass that of the early 21st century.

2900-3100 C.E.
At the begininning of the 2900’s the human population had stabilized and was slowly rebounding.  “Population-Engineering” and a centralized Resource-Allocation Program was strictly enforced.  A “Procreatio License” (PL) could be obtained only for those selected due to their genetic profile.  Thousands of genetic profiless were chosen to be part of the future biodiversity pool, to ensure the future generations would be as diverse as possible.  They would maximize survival odds, and ensure better disease protection for the population.
By the beginning of 3000 C.E. the ocean levels re-stabilized, and the grass and animal kingdom recovered.  The human population was undergoing slow and steady (though tightly controlled) growth and the central government was committed to strict resource managemen, eve fearful of a second  apocalypse.

To be continued…