apple tree hanging over me

We know that the applecan’t stay very long unbitwhen human eyes prolongingly have settled upon itAnd though this may be futilein the observation postThe irony of appleshas unsettled me the mostfor example we’re aware that we have no controlof the curiositythat tightly grips our soulnever feeling sated even when it’s overfedand in this claim there’s no dissentit’s stuck inside […]

Illinois, Oh boy

I followed Katie to DecaturI followed Katie to DecaturI couldn’t let the cabbie take herSo break the line, Operator!Wishing for permission to bear on your positionTaking all the wrong roads in betweenHoping for results, undeniably feltit doesn’t really even have-to-be seenI followed Katie to DecaturI didn’t want the train to take herI followed Katie to DecaturShe […]

Morning crows

Some folksaim a littlelower than they shouldto settle fora thing that isn’t bad,but neither good.One hopes to find a thingthat’s new or off the hookSomething they have read aboutin children’s storybookshow heros are created fromthe under-rated freaksthat live inside humilityor so I hear it speakOf ‘course I don’t mean literallya voice inside my penit’s my […]

The illusion of time

Didn’t want to let itslip away from my graspnot a one single daythat I should ever let passbefore I make litte verseon the pages of heremy contribution to wordsbefore I dis-appearfrom this version of Ithat lives inside-of-my-headit’ll happen for surecome the day when I’m deadnot so pleasing to thinkthat immortatily aintour reality hereso we must […]

Pig with apple in mouth

Sometimes I wanna eatAn apple-y pigI could further explainBut I’m guessing you dig.Sometimes I crave the thingsThat I never have hadfor experiences newThat bubble up just a tad.But repeated revisitscome without a relentFrom the feelings I’ve saidFrom the netherland sentDo not leave me aloneFor a significant timeSo here I will revealThis little secret of mineAnd […]

The Ides of July

This is my favorite seasonMy favorite slice of earth’s ellipseWhen parts above equatorAre more generously lit.We call it summer, and I likeThe freedom we now shareTo walk outside our doorNot thinking what we need to wearTo avoid the chill and cold and slushAnd all that sucks profoundAbout the winter that can robour “soul for getting […]

Garberater 8 ya later

OctameterThis could be a little funFitting 8 accents in oneExtended phrase, 2 quarter linesIn length like music common timeIt’s on a scorcher of a dayI drink the sun and shift my gazeFrom street to street and side to sideDrinking scenery in strideEyes and all receptors wideOpen curious to seeEverything we can perceiveUnquenchable this thirst of […]

little Bumbaloo

I couldn’t dare wait another dayBefore I threw the old format awayI had seven accents in a phraseBut lest I put the reader in a daze{and likely so it’s happened thusly henceI hope that not too many jumped the fenceOr hopefully nobody at allHad run without hitting back the ball.I decided then to begin the […]

Septamanic Horticulturalist

Maybe I should redesignWith new parametersAn architechture deviantto my septameterAnd find anew a different paceTo navigate this pathSo that I see varietywhen gazing on the pastThat will be a different funFrom what I’ve had so farMaybe someday I will bean iambic superstar!And some of your may say “Hey man,maybe you’re confused?”And I would say, without […]

Hey Hey what can I say?

Here’s #10! That’s it my friendAnd now the tale is told!For though it not be with regretThe time has come to foldThis little mental trip of minewas quite a little fun!It’s seems to be too easily completed now it’s doneBut I think it won’t be soonwhen I’ll do this again.I’ll write, of course,sincerely yours,my sonnets, but […]