Song about Affair: A hookup with the past - Alalone

This is a song about a brief love affair the narrator has with someone who used to babysit him, when he was naturally only a child.  Even then, perhaps a brief attraction could be felt, though never acted upon by either party.   Until a chance encounter with each other decades later, allowed them to finally act on their instictual desires.   There’s a definite sense that they’re doing something that they shouldn’t be.   Perhaps even more than just their prior relationship, but other factors that mae their union against the rules.   And thats why I call it a song about an affair.  They aren’t just involved in a questionable union…they’re also like the characters in songs on cheating.   Songs on cheating and affairs of the heart don’t often make it to weekend playlists, or the popular dance mixes, as many current lovers aren’t ecstatic to be reminded of this part of the human condition.  But for the right occasion, they have their place.  Here’s a link to the song (or album):