Songs for couples in love - "Right Side Down" by Remedy

a song for couples in love: "Right Side Down" lyric video (above)

This is a single from our sophomore release, “The Tyranny of the Smug”.  Ultimately, this is a song for couples in love. It’s a great choice for an unusual wedding song, which was how it was used in the closing credits of a cupid-movie, “Wingman” (featured at the Atlantic Film Festival).

For this track, I wanted to write a uplifting song like U2’s “Beautiful Day”, a song we once learned for a  wedding we played.   This turned out to be a good song for a dance routine, and also something that had a positive vibe overal.  It’s the only major-key song on the album, and certainly has a refreshingly optimistic feel.  Like other songs about couples in love,  it’s a song for celebration.   It’s a song about redemption.  It’s a song about goodness.  A song about thanks.   A song about falling in love…..with the right person.    And it’s about finding the one-true guiding star in your life that finally gives it fuller meaning, and get’s you back to proper form.  As if all your life knowing that half of you (or your full potential) is somehow missing, and then feels suddenly complete.   It’s a very hopeful song……full of gratitude for the present and optimism for the future.

In the first verse, there’s talk of “take a holiday” from one’s own thoughts and logic (“rationality”), and acknowledging the hole in one’s life.    When the powerful chorus arrives, there is a life-affirming realization that their heart’s desire is the true medicine for what ailes them.   They’ve found a “Remedy” to their loneliness, as you might expect from a song for couples in love.  In the bridge, there are references to the sky…..looking upward with hope and wonder.   In the lyric video above, “Laughter-Silvered” is in quotations.  I wanted to reference the sky by quoting the poem “High Flight” by John MacGee, (“Oh I have slipped the surly bonds of earth, and danced the skies on “laughter-silvered” wings).    In the song, (as in the poem), the protagonist is in flight, although metaphorical in the song….seeking skies “away from all the fabricated glare” of the light pollution to see more clearly the stars.

This song grew out of a bass riff our bassist, James Bond, started playing at rehearsal one day.   From there, chords could be inferred…..then I went to work fleshing out a full arrangement and lyrics, refining it over 2 weeks….perhaps the longest time spent developing any song up until that point.  But I liked the feel of it.   We hadn’t played many songs in a major key, and fewer still in 120 bpm…..the  typical tempo for many dance numbers.    It started off on a Maton Acoustic Guitar (my Tommy Emmanuel signature version…….by far the best sounding and playing acoustic I’ve EVER owned!).  So it in the begining it felt a bit like a Dave Matthews song, (a la “Ants Marching”).   But eventually I flipped over to my Les Paul standard for a clean electric sound, both live on stage, and also in the final studio recording.   It seemed to benefit from the extra meat the electricity provided.   We recorded this song, as well as every song on “Tyranny of the Smug” on my Roland VS 2480 Hard Disk recorder….very ancient tech, even then……but it was familiar, and allowed us to concentrate on the music, rather than the gear.

This song features the core trio (Steve Harley, James Bond, Gil Roy) and in a pivitol role in this song, we had our long-term collaborater, keyboardist troubadour, John Peer (BadMrFrosty), playing a mint 1969 wurlitzer throughout this track, to give it extra meat on the bones. It syncs nicely with the Les Paul Standard that I use exclusively throughout the entire album.  I have 2 Les Paul Standards that were used for this album (a red glitter one, and a honeyburst yellow), and that was all the guitars I used for this record. Not a single-coil pick-up in sight!   Whereas with “Paleofidelity” (our debut record), I used a hard-tail 1979 Stratocaster, almost exclusively.    My longest Strat forray since my rock-a-billy days (too long ago).  But I always come back to Les Paul.  

Please enjoy the lyric video above! And if you like the song, and want to hear more, you can find it here: 

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