Songs about Escape

A song about escape and getting out of the maze:

After the release of “The Tyranny of the Smug”, we came up with the concept of a trilogy for our  next 3 albums.   We call it “The Voyage”, and each album deals with a different phase of the journey: 1) Departure, 2) Exploration, 3) Return.     The first album of the trilogy,  “Exiting Shadows”, deals with Departure, or more specifically, “Escape”.    There is a thematic thread that runs through the lyrics of these songs that continually reinforce the notion of escape.   Like most songs on the record, this is a song about escape.  The lyric video above shows the POV of someone lost in the halls of a maze…..unable to escape from their labrinthine world, seeking in vain for a way out.  
This song begins with continually evolving melodic couplets, with a tightly woven harmonies throughout the verses, delivering a sweet sonic tapestry that sets the mood.  The energy of the track builds until the chorus erupts with a powerful guitar riff and a synchronized chant,  “I can’t find my way out”.    We took some inspiration from the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the production, (“By the Way” era) blending sweet vocal harmonies in the verses, with a funky sassy spank in the choruses as this song about escape unfolds with honest disrelent.    Escape is paramount.  Escaping from oblivion.  Escape from apathy.   Escaping from oppression.   Escaping from bordom.    Escape from disarray, from befuddlement and disinterest.   Escape from disengagement.   Escaping from the wait.   Escaping ideologies that plant the seeds of hate.   Escaping from insanity of truth-denying noise.  Escaping from the clubs of old self-entitled boys.   Escaping the illusion that we have a lot of time.   Escaping fabrications told to justify the crime.  A song about escape, is what this is about.   And this song about escape is called, “My Way Out”.

A Song about Escape: escaping loneliness, apathy and isolation

This song is one of our more hopeful, optimistic love songs in our repetoire.  The song’s main character has fallen in love, and can’t believe that the object of his desire, is who it turned out to be.   He didn’t see that coming.  Maybe they were best friends for a long time, and that kind of relationship between them was never considered, or never thought possible, always having been in each other’s “friend zone”.  Or maybe that were at each other’s throats for a long time before they realized their true feelings for each other.  So in that way it fits with other songs for couples in love, but in the context of songs about escape, this angle is also explored in this song, as the main character learns to escape his preconceptions.   Escape his prior prejudice, and only then, allowing the real love-of-his-life to finally be recognized as such.  So he’s finally free from the oppression of his previous thinking.    This song’s main character believed so long they didn’t deserve happiness.   It explore’s escaping the unhappiness of discontent, and finding the courage to discard that lie, one he told himself for so long he’d forgotten why.   The songs that he’ll sing about his escape fill most of the subsequent album, “Exiting Shadows”.   So this contemplation of escaping for a better life, is foreshadowing the album that followed.  IF you’d like to own “Right Side Down”, (or any album track), here’s the button:


Songs about Escape: Escape to the Rhythm, Escape the fright

This track was written and recorded when we were making our debut record.   It only now makes it’s first appearance as a hidden track on “Exiting Shadows” (rel Oct, 2018).   This song talks about the escape most of us are capable of…….escaping our present hear and now through the magic of music.    Music, and the stories contained within, can take our hearts and minds through a journey of imagination and emotion….of tension and release.   And the experience can be very potent.   It’s also a living, dynamic and changing relationship.   Every time you hear a song, your emotional response to it will be unique.   Some times it’ll move you to tears….other times it might not move you.   Sometimes it’s novel and exciting….other times overdone and boring…..depending on our prior experiences and memories.  So this is a song about escape and the possibilities music can create in the listeners imagination.  If you want this song…’s available on our latest album: