Songs about Goodness, Success and Good Life

"Up from the Bottom" - A song about growth and reinvention

This is the opening track from our debut album, “Paleofidelity”.   It was also our first nationwide single, picked up by 50 commercial radio stations all across Canada.   The character in this song has experienced sudden ejection from his home, and is begining the long journey from the bottom, back up to the top.  This journey begins with the realization that they mustn’t wallow in self-pity when hardship befalls, but rather act.   Initiate.  Intend.  Live life on purpose, with a stubborn resistance and never acquiescing to defeat.     Singing songs about goodness uplifts the singer and the listener.   This is a song about finding a good life.   Or rather attempting to create one, rather than just settling for what’s right in front of you.   It’s a quest for the hopeless, angry, bitter bottom and climbing to the hopefull, selfless, warmth at the top.

We produced this song using a combination of electronic drum loops (acid files) and live acoustic drums in the studio.    We enjoyed using certain hints of electronica within the bluesy-minor-raw-indie-rock vibe of the whole track.   We liked juxtaposing stark contrasting elements, influenced by prior album’s such as Beck’s “Odelay” (i.e. Devil’s Haircut) and Radiohead’s OK computer.  There were some production ideas from U2’s “Pop” that influences some tones.   What results is a very infectiously haunting and unrelenting positive energy, that uplifts the listener….as songs about goodness promise better days to come, while acknowledging mistakes made, and what must be done going forward.

The song depicted in the video above (“Up from the Bottom”) is available for download (as is the album) here: 

Songs about Goodness - "Right Side Down"

This is one of the very few songs we’ve written in a major key.  It reveals a energetic and powerful chorus, melodic, enchantingly optimistic and hopeful.   The best parts of this song’s character are brought out in his new love interest, now the center of his fantastical world.  As one of the most uplifting songs on “Tyranny…” (our second album), it felt fitting to have it on this page, presenting songs about goodness.  It’s got an easy 120bpm danceable tempo, and a favorite show-closer in our live act.   It’s also a song about thanks and gratitude.   As can be heard especially in the last verse, there is a great deal of thankfulness for this character’s realization that she is the one for him.   And he couldn’t believe that it was her, who turned him around.  Maybe they were old friends.   Until they discovered another part to their relationship….one that fullfills them both.  It’s a song about thanks, redemption and beauty.   

You can get the song (or album, in part or whole) here: 

A Song about the Good Life, Success, Danger and Madness!

This track, “My Metal Boots”, is the second song off our second album, “The Tyranny of the Smug”.  It follows a fictional absurd hypothetical…..someone who has just obtained and is walking in, big new shiny metal boots, and causing all kinds of commotion because of it.   It can be thought of a song about the good life.   A song about success.   About getting a shiny new object and showing it off, to help validate ones success, and showing the world you’re thriving, relevant…..banging the pavement, so people take notice…..impossible not to notice.    But the persistent and damaging way this might be perpetuated is a theme that also get’s explored.   It’s a song about danger and the collateral damage of our prideful actions.   It’s a song about pride, arrogance and madness….being so aloof of the spectacle we’re making of ourselves.  Its a poetic expression of the Donald Trump mentality of “me me me me….look at me” that is on naked display for all to see.  The utterly unsubtle abscense of any grace, cooth, style or substance that shoves it’s ignorance down the throat of the nearest passers-by.    But at the end, there’s even a hint of redemption……an indication that growth and change my yet transpire, as in the 3rd verse and outro, the main character now turns around, stops drawing attention to himself, and begins walking home.

I hope you enjoy listening and relistening to this as much as I do.   It’s one of my favorites off “The Tyranny of the Smug”.   Enjoy this song about good life.