Songs about Searching : Looking inside - Walk in Light

This song was written by Andrew White, who joined the members of Remedy in 2005-6 to form a unque project called “The Rain”.    They made one 11 track album called “Out of the Emptiness”… adult-contemporary acoustic rock album that this track completes.    When seeking songs about searching for meaning……this introspective pause we all find ourselves in at times, it’s hard to find one more fitting than this song, “Walk in Light”.   It can be interpreted as a Contemporary Christian Rock song, with walking imagery being a fitting metaphor for a life-long journey, or continually-evolving relationship…..with oneself, or one’s higher power, if indeed they’ve ever identified one.   And if not…..this can also be thought of as a song about searching for love….a nearly universal condition, no matter how introspective one is (or isn’t).    
The song is sung in the first person, and addresses a “you”.    It may be a physical person.    A soul-mate to the narrator, perhaps.   Or it could be the deity he has finally accepted into his life.    He’s finally found that thing that he believes can fill the god-shaped hole in his soul.  

This song features a variety of keyboards that we recorded maticulously over 4 nights.   We used a vintage mint-condition 1969 Wurlitzer piano (with using both a microphone to it’s built-in speaker, as well as a direct signal via 1/4″ cable).   We had a guine Hammond M3 organ and 2 (yes 2!) Leslie cabinets!   Wowie!  Keyboard heaven!    But we ended up using the Roland VK8M midi-unit (with the drawbars) to get that authentic hammond sound….as it just plain sounded better than the real thing.   I suppose if we had spent an enormous amount of time and money to tweak and fix parts, and rent mics and a space, after days of effort, MAYBE we could’ve matched the quality of tone the VK8M provided….but who has that kind of time?  Or money?   Modern tech….it ain’t all bad.    And more than that….it sounds killer!  To me at least, and hopefully to you too.  There’s also a guitar being played through a Roland SH201 to get that tremolo- filtered effect, which required real-time knob-turning by a second person (the one not playing guitar) to get those sounds at the very end.   It was a great deal of fun and experimentation, and that’s just the keyboards!  The rest of the instrument performances are top-notch…..but again….just for yourself (Lyric vid above).   And if you’d like to download the song….. 

Songs about Searching: searching for happiness of the soul

This is a song about searching for the best way to live, and seeking an escape the mundanity of everyday life.   It’s about finding a way to uncover new enthusiasm of enlightenment from the abandoned mine of imagination, dulled by years of compromise and inertia.   The ceaseless routines of our modern lives often bury our imaginations and dreams under the rubble of that daily grind.  The narrator of this song comes to grips with this realization, and seeks only to “Escape to the Rhythm”, in the core of his very being, and reorient his harmonic principles to allow a more peaceful, meaningful, more-rooted, happy existence.   It’s a song about searching for that peace of mind, lying in wait, perhaps still undiscovered, but able to emerge when no longer consumed by racing thoughts about things we can’t control.     When we can tap into the source of creative energy, without any rationality, without the need to fit it all into a greater narrative….to accept things for what they are, and not what we extrapolate them to be….we reach our full potential.     It’s a song about searching for the “flow” of being perfectly in the moment.   It’s a song about searching for the best parts of themselves, and expressed in this case, through the medium of music…..the universal language of humanity.     
This song was written, recorded and mixed during the making of our debut album, “Paleofidelity”, but was only recently released as a “hidden” track on our 3rd album (Exiting Shadows, released Oct 2018).   If you’d like to download it, (or any song from any album) click the button below:

Songs about Searching : searching for a partner

This song is the final song from our 16-track sophomore album, “The Tyranny of the Smug”.    The man who wrote the first song on that album (Andy White, who also was a core-member of the Rain (see above)) also sang it’s final song…..this one…..”Crooked Mile”.    This is a song about searching for the goal……searching for the exit to the delemna…..searching for their partner……searching for a cause to believe in.    But you be the judge, as to what it’s about to you.    Many of our lyrics have ambiguity enough to pass for describing the experiences many listeners.   Music is a universal feeling with all of us, and therefore, a fundamental point of common ground that has the potential to unite 2 different people, or large crowds of people, or an entire nation of people!

One recent memory I cherish is when my wife and I saw the Tragically Hip’s last televised concert, about 6 months before their frontman, Gord Downey died of brain cancer.   It was an amazing experience……2 hours of uninterupted music that we grew up with, and loved for decades.   It was called “The Tragically Hip: A national celebration”.   And it truly was a NATIONAL celebration.    No other band has been so “Canadian” in their style, their stories, their lyrics.    It seemed like the whole nation took a collective pause to celebrate the music of a band the whole country loved, and everyone knew this was probably their last live televised concert.    It was a magical musical event that united a whole country, through the magic of modern telecommunications, and a common love of music.   This song’s character yearns for that sort of connection, and feels like the object of his desire will help him achieve that kind of special connection, by “walking a crooked mile” right with her, wherever she goes.    The whole nation followed Gordie and his bandmates through a decades-long journey of musical discovery……and the road was crooked, with bumps and twists and turns along the way, but always worth the trip!

 have any traditional verses.   I suppose the closest thing to a verse it has is, “It’s becoming a part of me (x3)”.    But that’s it.   It starts with the chorus, and has a bridge that’s repeated later….but no actual verses.   Pretty neat, eh?    And it doesn’t sound too strange or inaccessible because of it…..otherwise it would be a failed experiment.   Novelty is cool, but too much novelty….usually sucks.  I hope you enjoy this song about searchingi