Songs on Missing Someone - "Without a Trace" by Remedy

A song of missing someone - Where have you gone?

“Without a Trace” is the fifth track on Remedy’s debut album, “Paleofidelity”.    It reflects on the emotions one goes through when experiencing a quick ending to a very personal relationship.   A storm of emotions comes crashing in waves.   Writing songs on missing some close can happen without intending it…..only realizing it’s done after the fact.   As is often the case, I don’t know what it’s about, until it’s finished.     And even when you know the relationship wasn’t meant to be….the human heart might still reminisce about the good times…the best parts…..and feel the loss of what might have been.    It’s a story near universally told – the loss of love……losing the one you love….losing the love once had….or losing oneself in the search for love.   A song on missing someone is a song of love and loss….and loss of love.
Now for an overdose of gravity……dragging ethereal minds back down to the ground…… the REAL origins of this song were far less philosophical, and far more physical….specifically…a Honer tine piano.  It was a powerless keyboard with a 1/4″ plug that when adding tons of compression and some chorus, sounded decent enough for experimenting with these chords……and that’s how it all began: trying to get a Honer to sound like a wurlitzer piano (or a Rhodes).   Without that challenge, I wouldn’t have written this song….a similar one maybe (who knows), but NOT this one.   A new piece of gear so often inspires a new song.    

For the production, I wanted big guitars driving a powerful chorus, to feel concussive…like Radiohead’s Jonny greenwood and his guitar that decapitates the listener as it cuts into the chorus of “Creep”.     This track also features my favorite fuzzy voice distorting am radio vocals, raw but pleasing to hear… audio candy….hopefully it’s as tasty to your ears as it is to mine.

And like all songs I wrote back then….the music came first, lyrics came after.   Even so, the emotions expressed in this song, while not the impostus for writing it, because the heart of it, as they were deeply rooted in my personal reality at that time.  And so, it turned into a song on missing someone.
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