Songs with Goodbye in the lyrics

For a song with goodbye in the lyrics, this song actually has it’s origins in an Xbox rally racing game of the early 2000s.   One game I played a lot just as I was going through separation/divorce, had very forgiving crash dynamics….not realistic at all…..almost no matter how hard you hit the corner, crashed into the rails or a ditch, you could still just floor it, and keep going!   And it seemed like a perfectly appropriate metaphor for the chaos I was living through at the time, and how good it felt to know that whatever the crash, recovery was possible….. in the real-world metaphorically, if not on the race-track.   It’s a song about saying goodbye to a once-loved partner, and a very unhealthy relationship.  But the main character was able to refocus forward, instead of reliving the crash.   So there’s a hopeful look forward at the end, which is what makes a good goodbye song good!  Click button below to get this song (or any other song from that album):

Songs with "Goodbye" in the Lyrics

All we know for certain is that the people we know now, will not always be with us.  Nor will we be forever present.   And this song gives one perspective on the inevitability of change in our lives.   And we sometimes have to find a way to say goodbye to those we once loved.   It can be liberating, or tragic.    But this change can’t be avoided forever….unless you live as a hermit, and even then, the wildlife will form relationships that come and go.   So we’ll always need songs with goodbye in the lyrics to demonstrate in the simplest way, that this uncomfortable transition awaits us all.   But there is a sweeter side to the coin (not to mix metaphors)…..once you can adopt a more enlightened position….you might also say goodbye to the old ways of doing things.   In this song, the main character is saying goodbye to his prior “unfettered lies”, as well as those of his ex.   This realization is only made, after he’s won the point, but it felt empty and hollow.   The illusion of victory now shattered, he’s free to disencumber himself from the chains of the old charade he’s been playing so routinely for so long, without giving it a thought.   Songs with goodbye in the lyrics can be recognized by all who have had to say goodbye to those they love.   That’s a condition almost everyone who’s ever lived, has had to endure and deal with at one time or another.    If you enjoy this song , it’s available here: