Songs with the word "Love" in the Lyrics

Songs with the word Love in the lyrics: Gettaway Sticks

It’s a going concern these days.  Love.  Who’s in love?  Who’s fallen out of love?   Who has love returned to them?   And who’s love is unrequited?  I recently discovered that songs with the word “Love” in the lyrics are often sought specifically in searches.   So, on a lark, I went through Remedy’s catalog to date, and discovered only 3 of our songs use the word “Love” anywhere in the lyrics (among the albums currently released).  Those current 3 are “Gettaway Sticks” (“I LOVE to watch you run for your life”), “No Wonder” (“it’s no wonder I’m in LOVE”) and “Birthday Song” (“…all about you that I LOVE”).   It was an interesting exercize, because some of our most obvious love songs, don’t mention the word “love” in the lyrics at all.   A good example of this would be “Tease Me” (actually by another project, The Rain, but there’s a lot of membership overlap).   That song is an obvious love song, but there’s no hint of “I Love You”, or anything close.
In the case of “Gettaway Sticks” the song’s main character has a voyeuristic affection for the apple of his candid-camera eye……the surveillance satellite he controls in his employ at the CIA, to watch over the one he’s obsessed with.  He loves to watch her, run for her life, escape through the night… get the sense this girl is in trouble, because her “run-from man don’t treat her right”…..and so his interest becomes even more intense when she comes under threat.    But he is only a silent watcher, completely unknown to her, with no real relationship with her.   He lives only to watch…..only vicariously, without any interaction.  So ultimately, the song never achieves a serious tone, because she’s so distant to him, it’s like background music he can switch off at any time, and feel no remorse.   But he never does switch off……   So it’s not at all a love song……more of a perverse notion of obsessive stalking….a funny take of “Every Breathe You Take” by the Police….watching every move of your loved one…in an obsessive all-consuming way……not an expression of real selfless love.   But even so, it’s one of our songs with the word “love” in the lyrics.